Liverpool Overhead Railway Motorcoach No.3



The Liverpool Overhead Railway, opened in 1893, was the first elevated electric railway in the world. It ran the length of the Liverpool docks – around six and a half miles. Although it was built to ease congestion along the docks it was also marketed as a tourist attraction as it provided amazing views of the docks, shipping and transatlantic liners on the River Mersey. The trains generally consisted of three coaches; a motorcoach at each end and a trailer coach between them. This is one of the original motorcoaches which has electric motors mounted beneath the floor, a driving cab at one end and third class accommodation with wooden seats. The unpowered central coach was fitted with leather-covered seats for first class passengers. This coach is one of a batch built between 1892-1899. It served on the Overhead Railway from when it opened until it closed in 1956 and was preserved by British Railways - the only example of a motorcoach to survive. It was later presented to National Museums Liverpool by the British Railways Board.