Liverpool Provision Trade Association



This Association was founded in 1874 and held its first meeting in William Gardner & Co.'s office on North John Street, Liverpool, on 1 April that year. Hence the archive includes a substantial run of price lists. (See also B/WG: William Gardner & Co.) The Association was first concerned with the produce of the American meat packing industry. The objectives of the Association were to establish rules for the trade, to arbitrate in cases of dispute, and to represent the trade, particularly in negotiations with the Dock Board over such matters as master porterage and with the Board of Trade, the Treasury, etc. Harwood W. Banner, the accountant, was appointed Secretary and Treasurer. After merging with the Liverpool Produce Exchange in 1889, it covered all imported pig and dairy produce, eggs and canned goods. Its exchange provided a "trading floor" and in 1912 it added a lard futures market. Its objectives were to foster overseas trading, to publish information on markets, to arbitrate disputes and to represent the trade in negotiations with other organisations. Its trading rules became standard. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.