Liverpool Shipping Staffs Association, records.



In December 1901 a committee was formed for a proposed annual social gathering of chartering clerks and shipping staff. The first annual social gathering took place on 11 January 1902 and a second on 10 January 1903. The Liverpool Shipping Staffs' Association came into being in January 1904 as a result of the committee's desire to "further the friendly feeling and social intercourse created by the annual dinner". The Association aimed to cultivate friendly relationships between the various staff of the shipping offices of the city through the organisation of lectures, conferences, social events and excursions. From 29 April 1907 the Association also formed a members benevolent fund. By the 1950s the provision of assistance and monetary relief to members and their dependants had become the first objective of the Association. The Liverpool Shipping Staffs' Association was still active in November 1993, the latest date covered by this collection. The collection consists of 153 items including: minute books, 1901 - 1993; agendas with annual reports and balance sheets, 1953 - 1969; and trust deeds, 1914 - 1936. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.