Liverpool Steamship Owners' Association, records.



The Liverpool Steamship Owners' Association was established in 1858 to lobby the newly formed Mersey Docks & Harbour Board. It attracted a substantial membership from leading liner companies and as a result, became an influential body in national as well as local affairs, and was consistently consulted by parliamentary committees on the shipping industry. The minute books, which begin in 1858 and are almost complete, together with annual reports (1859-1981) and miscellaneous reports (1890-1965), show the wide-range of interests of the Association. At the outset, in 1858, the steamship owners were chiefly concerned with preventing railway companies from operating steamship services; in 1887 they were critical of MDHB's arrangements for master porterage; during 1906 the Association lobbied the Liberal Government on its merchant shipping bill; in 1925 taxation of war-time profits was a major concern and in 1960 the Association complained to the British Government of the "nationalistic policies of foreign governments through the adoption of flag discrimination, subsidies and other artifices designed to maintain national merchant fleets regardless of economic considerations". See attached list for more details and a summary of the organisation by Captain Mike Jones or contact The Archives Centre for a copy.