Liverpool Underwriters Association, records.



The Liverpool Underwriters Association was founded by underwriters, brokers, merchants and ship owners at a public meeting held in the Exchange Coffee Room, Liverpool on 8 January 1802. Their purpose being the promotion and protection of their common commercial interests. The organisation was the first of its kind in England. It enjoyed a close relationship with Lloyd's and the Institute of London Underwriters, supplying them both with information on Liverpool shipping. The records of the L.U.A., particularly the Committee Minute Books (1802-1982) and the Annual Reports (1864-1972), show that the Association was concerned with all aspects of Liverpool shipping, navigation and legislation, in addition to purely insurance matters. The archive also contains information upon the history of the L.U.A. from its beginning in 1802. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue. Note that section D/LUA/11/4 is held offsite.