Liverpool Warehousing Company Limited



The Liverpool Warehousing Co., Ltd. was, for many years, the largest firm of warehouse-keepers in the United Kingdom. Its main commodity was cotton. In 1986 the firm became part of the Transport Development Group. In addition to the records of the Liverpool Warehousing Co., Ltd., 70 Pall Mall, Liverpool, the collection includes records of fourteen subsidiary firms and the minutes of the United Warehouse Keeper's Conference, 1922-1945. The records were received in two deposits, 1986 and 1987. The Archivist is grateful to Ann McCormack, Eugene Rae and Creide Chadwick for their help. Please see the end of the catalogue for material from a further deposit in 1998. This material has the reference number B/LWC(A), accession number MMM.2011.34. The collection is stored offsite and will be recalled upon request. Please contact The Archives Centre with details of the items you wish to consult and to arrange a visit to the Searchroom. Listed c.1987 by David Le Mare Retyped 2003 Additional material listed by John Moore, October 2015