Living-Room Interior (Set for 'The Fidler Play'd It Wrong')

WAG 1705


This watercolour painting depicts a set design for the play 'The Fidler Played it Wrong'. The scene is set in a room, likely within a house. The room has purple walls of two different shades. The shades are separated by a brown or gold picture rail, with the lighter shade above and the darker shade below. The floor is woode, with a large rectangle rug in the centre. On the ledt wall for the observer is a fireplace, complete with a mantle. Candelabras and other objects are on top of the fireplace. To either side of the fireplace are two alcoved bookshelves. On the left side of the back wall are two small pictres, in the centre is a wooden door in a white doorframe and a large framed painting of a female figure. On the right side of the back wall is a large wooden cabinet. On the right wall of the set is a large window, with a door in the cetre and white curtains. Light is entering the room through this window. Within the room there is also a white sofa on the left side, a wooden table and white chair in the centre and a small side table below the painting.