Log of the Unity of Liverpool on a slaving voyage to Holland, Africa and Jamaica, Robert Norris, Captain.



The log from Unity is evidence of the attempts made by enslaved Africans to resist and escape and the dangers of them doing so. The voyage was eventful with numerous mentions made of deaths of enslaved Africans and insurrections. The first revolt occurred on the 6 June 1770, with the entry that "the slaves made an Insurrection which was soon quelled .... with the loss of two woman slaves". On the 27 June, "the Slaves attempted to force up grating in the night with a design to murder the whites or drown themselves but prevented by the watch. In the morning they confessed their intentions and that the women as well as the men were determined if disappointed of cutting off the whites to jump overboard but in Case of being prevented by their Irons were resolved to burn the ship". Captain Norris records that "their obstinacy put me under the Necessity of shooting the Ring leader". [D/Earle/1/4] Log of the ship Unity was a journey from Liverpool to Holland and across to Calabar, Africa, in 1769. The log kept by the captain, Robert Norris, gives a valuable insight into life on board.