Late Apulian loutrophoros, decorated in the red figure technique. Attributed to the Helmet Painter. In one side there is a seated woman with a phiale and a standing maid with the cista (casket). Both women are under a naiskos (shrine). To the left of the main scene there is a seated woman holding a wreath in the upper zone and underneath her a woman bending forward and holding a flower. To the right of the main scene there are also two women, one in the upper part of the pot is seated and her head is turned towards the main scene; underneath her there is another woman with one leg bent close to the naiskos and her left arm, appearing to be leaning on the knee, the fingers of the hand pointing or perhaps holding something that has been lost from the decoration. All women apart from the ones in the main scene are in a bigger scale to the main scene and are dressed in heavy cloaks. The details of the drapery of the cloaks are in thick black lines suggesting volume and movement to the drapery. The reverse side of the loutrophoros has decoration of: palmettes. On the shoulder of the pot there is a female head in profile, much of her face has been lost only the outline of the head survives. The head is turned to the left and in an overall floral setting. This type of vessel was associated with wedding rituals.