Madonna and Child with Saint Charles Borromeo and Saint Latinus

WAG 5104


The Walker Art Gallery's 1977 Foreign Catalogue describes WAG 5104 as a finished drawing for the altarpiece in Sant'Afra Brescia. Morris says that the drawing "differs only in very slight details from the painting. The right hand side of the drawing has probably been cut as the picture shows all the right hand of St. Latinus holding the crozier. The work is usually dated fairly late in Procaccini's career." This is one of the artworks presented by the Liverpool Royal Institution. Liverpool's economic development grew directly from Britain's involvement with transatlantic slavery: the kidnapping, enslavement and forced migration of people from West Africa to the Americas and many to the Caribbean. Many members of the Royal Institution made their fortunes directly through the trade or indirectly through the wider economy. This wealth was laregely how they were able to bring rare art and treasures, such as this, to the city.