Magical Gem stone



Oval ring setting of the type identified as a magical gem stone. One side shows Ouroboros, with head at top to left, encircling a uterus-symbol in the form of a cupping vessel, ligaments and fallopian tubes visible. There is a seven-bitted key below the uterus, and a group of deities above it: From left to right: Anubis bandaged as a mummy, lion-headed Chnoubis with four rays around the head, female figure (Isis?) crowned, one hand raised in greeting. Inscription outside the Ouroboros: σοροορ[- - -]βαρ[- -]γξ → σοροορ-logos. Reverse side: Inscription in two lines: ορωρ|ιουθ → ορωρ[ι]ουθ.