Male Herm



Modern herm, male, bought by Henry Blundell as a pair to 59.148.150 (Ince 112). This is an almost entirely modern piece. The back part of the head may be ancient while the whole face with the herm is modern and cut in one piece. The restored patch on the left hand side of the nose has possibly been added to give the face a more authentic appearance!! Blundell acquired it to form an ‘historical’ pair with another herm in the collection inscribed M. Cato (Ince no. 112). There has been much speculation as to whether this herm does depict Pompey or not. It fits with the Knole and Agrippa Louvre types, but not with other well-known types such as the Pompey in the Capitoline Museums, or the Menander-type. It is thought that Cavaceppi might have restored both Knole and Ince types in his workshop.