Male Nude posed as Hercules holding a block of wood

WAG 5101


Born into an artistic family, Gennari trained under both his father and uncle in Bologna, Itlay. His early work reflect the influence of his uncle, the painter Guercino. This work is inscribed 'di Gio Bene Gennari, nipote del Guercino' (by Gio Bene Gennari, nephew of Guercino) He travelled to England in 1674 and remained there for the next fourteen years and established himself as a notable painter to the Royal family. This work is a possibly a prepatory drawing. This is one of the artworks presented by the Liverpool Royal Institution. Liverpool's economic development grew directly from Britain's involvement with transatlantic slavery: the kidnapping, enslavement and forced migration of people from West Africa to the Americas and many to the Carribean. Many members of the Royal Institution made their fortunes directly through the trade or indirectly through the wider economy. This wealth was largely how they were able to bring rare art and treasures, such as this, to the city.