Manuscript Cover



A heavily carved large wooden bookcover (top) in a similar style of carving to 50.31.129. The five small seated figures ( the five Dhyani Buddhas or Jinas) sit within arches on pedestals. The central figure's throne or pedestal is in the Nepalese style, the lower columns supported by elephants, with a garuda and mahakara above. From left to right (looking at) the figures are, Ratnasambhava, Akshobya, Vairocana, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi. There is a border in the style of lotus leaves and a single band of 'strings of pearls' decoration. Traces of gilt are still visible and there is a residue above the central figure that has darkened the wood. The reverse side of the cover has been painted with a red pigment and a series of protective circular patterns.