Manuscript Cover



A richly carved wooden book cover (top) in a similar style of carving to 50.31.130. The three small seated figures sit within arches on pedestals. The central figure's throne or pedestal is in the Nepalese style, the lower columns supported by elephants, with a garuda and mahakara above. The central figure is Prajnaparamita she holds a pecha or Tibetan manuscript in her raised left hand and a dorje in her raised right. Her lower left hand rests in her lap, while her lower right hand is raised to her heart. The figure on the left is Manjushri or Jampelyang, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. He holds a sword raised behind his head in his right hand and a lotus springs from his left side. To the right is Akshobhya or Mikyopa, one of the five meditating Buddhas. The three figures are interspersed with swirling foliage that surround peacocks (one at each end), a deer and a lion. There are several borders in the style of lotus leaves and strings of pearls. Traces of gilt are still visible and the reverse side of the cover has been painted with a red pigment and an series of protective circular patterns.