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Manuscript Cover


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A large, deeply carved wooden book or pecha cover or glegs-sin. The central panel is intricately carved with three Nepalese style pedestals or thrones with arched nimbus. In the centre pedestal sits Prajnaparamita (Tibetan: shes rab phar phyin) all four of her hands are missing. The nimbus surrounding her contains garuda, who is supported by two apsara (flying spirits), underneath which are makara (mythical sea creatures). To the left is Nampar Nangdze (Vairochana) who is seated on a similar, slightly smaller pedestal or throne, his hands are in the dharmachakra mudra or teaching position. There is a kirtimukha (or face of glory) at the pinnacle of his nimbus, its columns in the shape of jewel-filled vases, perched on top of each is a bird. Seated on the right is Gautama Buddha in the enlightenment or bhumisparsa mudra. His nimbus contains, a kirtimukha and its columns are also in the shape of jewel-filled vases, perched on top of each is a bird. Surrounding each of the three thrones are a group of figures seated on lotus pedestals, including Tara, Manjushri and Mahakala. The cover has a deep border of lotus leaves and petals. Significant areas of gilt can still be seen on the figures and pedestals. There are several large deep cracks in the wood, a large chiselled out area is also visible on the right.