Material from Captain Graeme Cubbin (1923-2019) relating to T & J Harrison, shipping company



Material collected by Cubbin during the course of his career with the company and writing a history of the firm. Cubbin was born in 29 June 1923 and died 2 February 2019. He went to sea with Harrisons in 1940, ending his career as Assistant Marine Superintendent when he retired in 1986, but he maintained an interest in the shipping company and it's archive. Cubbin wrote and published 'Harrisons of Liverpool, A chronicle of ships and men, 1830-2002', World Ship Society, 2003, an extensive and detailed company history and fleet list. Box list: Correspondence file of Captain Graeme Cubbin, Assistant Marine Superintendent, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980-1981 3 group photographs of wives of Harrison Line Masters, with annotated sheets of names, taken at Masters’ Dinners, 1972, 1975, 1976. Sheets of names identifying Masters in Annual Dinner photographs, but not the photographs, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976. A Visitor’s Guide to the Harrison Line Museum at Mersey Chambers, Covent Garden, Liverpool, typescript tour, no date. Harrison Line, Catalogue of Ship’s Photographs. Harrison Line Ships on Stamps, list and images of postage stamps from around the world that feature Harrison Line ships. Unknown author. File of newspaper cuttings relating to donation of Harrison archive to Maritime Museum and sale of objects at Bonhams in 2003. Includes list of lots, reserve and bid price. Letters relating to Cubbin’s fleet history of T & J Harrison, looking for a publisher, 1991 and no date. ‘List of Shareholders with Interests in Harrison Managed and Operated Vessels, 1836-1884’ by Graeme Cubbin. Typescript list of ‘Titles and Abbreviations Used in Harrison Fleet List’. Papers re an exhibition on T & J Harrison to be held at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in 1998. Exhibition title ‘Astronomers, Inventors and Wayfarers – Harrisons of Liverpool, 1830-1998’ Letter to Graeme Cubbin from ‘Wassie’ [first name unknown, surname is Williams], 8 Castle Square, Criccieth, 3 July 1987. Letter and attached transcript is in answer to Cubbin’s request for information about Harrison Line officers and their nicknames. Author has written down what he can remember. Manuscript memoires of a retired Harrison Line officer. Possibly the same Williams who wrote the nickname typescript. Also from Criccieth. Writes about his childhood in Criccieth and his return after retirement, his first voyage in 1918, food on board ship, life in the fo’c’sle, different ranks of seafarer. Article written by Graeme Cubbin ‘Messrs. Thos. & Jas. Harrison, Down Under’, based on the letter book of James Harrison, the nephew of Thomas and James Harrison who founded Harrison Line, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1885. Covering letter to John Shepherd requesting publication of the article, 2008. Correspondence with a Mrs Pring regarding an illegitimate daughter of a member of the Harrison family, 2005-2008. Papers re Charente Steam-Ship Company Limited Retirement Benefits Plan – Trustee Report for year ended 5 April 2005. Information for Members issue 4, 2009.