Melbourne and Gentleman (Costume Designs for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1651


This watercolour painting depicts the costume designs for two male figures from the play 'Queen Victoria'. The black haired figure on the front left is depicted standing facing slightly off to the side. The other appears to be standing further away with their hands behind their back. They are facing the other way so that their back is shown. The inscription to the right of the front figure reads 'Melbourne and Gentleman'. The front figure is wearing a white shirt below a white waistcoat and necktie. Above this is a black tailcoat with a collar and white buttons. Their trousers are black and they are wearing black pointed dress shoes with grey lined detailing. The figure to the right in the background is painted with less vibrancy and detail, giving the appearance of being faded. The outfit appears to be the back of an outfit with a black tailcoat, trousers and shoes identical or similar to the ones on the front figure.