Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (MDHB) Printed Material: Parliamentary Acts, Bills & Enquiries



This series covers all the wide variety of Parliamentary issues which the Dock Company and its antecedents initiated or in which it had an interest. It is not completely listed but among the important items are the Liverpool Dock Acts of 1709 (original black letter imprint) 1716, 1737, 1761, 1784, 1799. These are all bound with the Act of 1811. Other business is covered from 1840 to 1919 and this includes private bills and wider matters such as parliamentary reports on national issues, for example, the report on Local Charges on Shipping of 1856. After 1919 there is a gap until 1954 and the series ends with the MDHB (Seaforth Works) Bill enquiry of 1966.