Merseylink door-to door bus service for people with disabilities



ID: A yellow leaflet that reads ‘Merseylink travel service for people with disabilities’ in white and yellow text. The Merseylink symbol, three interlocking white rings, is above the text. Below is a black and white photograph of a wheelchair user being assisted onto a ramp at the back of a white minibus outside a house. The bus doors are open, showing some of the seats inside. This leaflet was made to promote and provide information about Merseylink, a free accessible travel service for disabled people in Merseyside. Established in 1984, and still operating today, it was originally a dial-a-ride service for people who couldn’t use ordinary public transport some or all of the time. The leaflet tells the reader exactly what they had to do to book a bus, and reassures them of the safety and security of the buses. It also introduces the Merseylink Shop, which was on Lime Street, in the city centre. Merseylink recommends that they use it as a base for the bus to pick them up and drop them off. It also describes ways that the shop has been made accessible, such as dropped kerbs and accessible bathrooms. Today, to use the service, members must receive certain disability benefits such as the Personal Independence Payment, have a long-term health condition or be registered blind.