Middle Coffin Box of Padiamun



The mummified body of Padi-amun was originally nested in a set of three coffins, but the middle coffin was lost in 1941 when the Museum was destroyed by a fire. The coffin box was mummiform in shape with the exterior painted with a row of hieroglyphs running all the way around. The inscription was copied by Professor Percy Newberry in about 1910 (see attached catalogue card). On the inside floor of the box was an image of the Goddess of the West standing with the hieroglyph for 'west' on her head, and clad in a garment of bead work. The hair was tied by a red fillet. Around her neck was a necklace and in each hand were ankh hieroglyphs. The sides of the inside were plain. DESTROYED IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR.