Miniature Amphora


A miniature amphora (also known as an 'amphoriskos') with a spherical body and a conical small base, a thin and long neck edning in a round deep rim. The amphoriskos has two side handles from the shoulder to below the mouth. It is decorated in the Late Corinthian style with a frieze of animals in dark brown on the the main body. The animals are: a panther, a goat, a bird and a swan. Red colour and incision is used for details such as feather lines and eyes. The lower part of the body has decoration of thin circular bands all along it and just above the base a zone of upright pointy leaf patters. The upper part of the body also has thin circular bands along and brown leaf patterns stemming from the base of the neck, a brown zig zag line along the neck and two thick circular bands at the exterior of the mouth.