Miniature Coffin



Fragments of a clay coffin lid in the form of the falcon-headed god, Sokar. The face is roughly modeled with pinched long nose, balls for eyes, moulded tripartite wig and three band collar incised into the clay. Central part missing. Mounted on a modern wooden plinth. Formerly in National Museums Scotland, accession number A.1906.628, where the coffin box and figure of Osiris are still kept. It was acquired from William Campbell in 1897 (information from Margaret Maitland of Natioanl Museums Scotland). Dated at Hyksos Period and in error assigned to Garstang's excavations at Esna (by Dorothy Downes), possibly because the previous museum's number is ...'06 628 (perhaps because 1906 was the year Garstang finished excavations at Esna). CONDITION NOTE 1998: In three pieces, area of loss, one large section has come away from stand, the feet are also separated, friable texture to fabric, adhesive on surface of lid, surface dirt,.