Miscellaneous Documents Collection



The SAS miscellaneous documents collection is an umbrella cataloguing term for a closed collection of small acquisitions held by the Maritime Archives and Library, but originally collected by the Maritime History department. These acquisitions have a running SAS reference number (eg SAS/31A/1/2) and are stored in sequence. Each SAS reference number usually consists only of one or two items. Some attempt has been made to group related items together and this is reflected in the reference codes, for example, every item at SAS/19E relates to ship towage. However, the classification is not complete and no list of the terms used is available. Some SASs are catalogued and numbered to item level, if their content merits such attention. All the SAS reference numbers have different acquisition histories, in some earlier cases very little donor information exists. Accession numbers and donor details are given on the individual MIMSY record where known. Material in the SAS collection covers all areas of the collection policy of the Maritime Archives (see the USE field) and contains some of the most important items in our collections. This collection is closed, but these types of small acquisitions are still added to the DX collection.