Miscellaneous photograph collection



The PR miscellaneous documents collection is an umbrella cataloguing term for an open collection of small acquisitions to the Maritime Archives. These acquisitions are given a running PR reference number (eg PR/123) and stored in sequence with exceptions for larger collections and outsize items. Usually any acquisition that comprises of less than a standard archive box of material will be catalogued with a PR reference. Many PRs consist only of one or two items. Some PRs are catalogued and numbered to item level, if their content merits such attention. All the PR reference numbers have different acquisition histories, in some earlier cases very little donor information exists. Accession numbers and donor details are given on the individual MIMSY record where known. The collection is stored in the Maritime Archives and Library stores at the Merseyside Maritime Museum usually on the first floor. Material in the PR collection covers all areas of the collection policy of the Maritime Archives (see the USE field). Our ownership of the item unfortunately does not automatically mean that we own of the copyright of the image. Copyright information where known is recorded against the individual records.