Model of a Boat with Crew card

Model of a Boat with Crew

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Model of a rowing boat crewed by eighteen men. The mast is stowed and sixteen men are rowing. Originally there would have been eighteen rowing but two men are missing from their positions. Only eleven oars remain. The steersman sits in the stern manoeuvring the large steering oar. The pilot stands in the bows, his left arm outstretched (he may originally have held a tender).The figures and the boat itself were originally covered with a thin layer of fine plaster and painted. Linen wrapping still remains around some of the figures. It had previously been thought this boat matches with one from tomb 585 illustrated in Garstang (1907) fig. 86. However, the photograph includes extra objects such as animal skin shield and spears. is the original number but the object is also known as 55.82.5. The object was a gift from John Rankin along with three models from tomb 412 (nos. ii and iii in Garstang 1907 p. 225). There is a possibility John Rankin was given the whole tomb group and this boat could also be from tomb 412 as Garstang records “i. Model of rowing boat” (1907, p. 225).