Model of a Boat with Crew



Boat from the tomb of Antef. Preparing to travel with three sailors raising the sail whilst two sailors with poles push the boat off a sand-bank. The canopy has a unique feature of a square hole cut in its roof, which may have had a linen screen, beneath which would have sat the owner (Antef). Resiner type IV boat with end posts painted to imitate the tied papyrus bundles of type III boats. From the cemetery below the Middle Kingdom rock-cut tombs at Beni Hasan: the intact rock-cut shaft tomb of Antef (tomb no. 1). A watercolour painting of the boat by G. Hall-Neale is the frontispiece of Garstang's publication of the excavation. The model was conserved for display in about 1960 replacing missing parts with modern substitutes e.g., the linen sail and canopy screen.