Model of a servant



Carved figure of a tomb servant, kneeling, making bread. Since its acquisition in 1971 the object remained unstudied until University of Birmingham PhD student, Sam Powell visited in February 2022. Sam identified the model as being part of a of a kitchen crew with World Museum object no. 1973.1.571 and five other figures now within the Egypt Centre, Swansea University (nos. W439, W445, W446, W453, WSN2). Sam located the figures missing left arm within a group of loose limbs. The arm is holding a ball of dough, allowing an identification of this figure as a baker. The tomb group depict various scenes of food production with one of the figures in Swansea roasting fowl. Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 12–13 November 1928 (Tabor collection) Lot 218.