Model Tool Bag



Fragments of a linen bag that contained 9 model tools. The bag of tools was found within a granary model (Burial Customs, fig. 76). Label stuck to the surface of one fragment with the printed number 394. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Very fragmented, delicate, discoloured, label adhered to surface. John Garstang, ‘The Burial Customs of Ancient Egypt’. London (1907); Garstang, The Burial Customs of Ancient Egypt (London, 1907) p. 8. Compare with the group of model tools found in a bag in the tomb of Nefery, no.116 (now in Cairo Museum) fig. 66, p. 77-78; also see Mogens Jorgensen, Tomb Treasures from Ancient Egypt (Copenhagen, 2002), pp. 36-7.