Mrs Peat and her Two Daughters

LL 3597


The sitters in this painting are Janet Ewart and her two youngest daughters - Janet and Anne. Janet Snr was born in Edinburgh in 1748 and married John Peat, a writer, on 20 November 1768. From the ages of the girls and the costumes, the portrait can be dated to about 1798 - 1799, when Janet Ewart was 50 years old. In later life, between 1854 and 1861, Anne published several volumes of poetry. She died in 1885 aged 95. The work was bought by Lever as by Raeburn, but the later reattribution to George Watson is convincing. This painting has been badly damaged in the past; old tears remain visible on the mother's hand and dress and on the figure of the girl in white, and it has been been extensively restored.