Mummified Cat



Cat mummy with cylindrical body and naturalistic head. The arrangement of the bandages, in geometrical patterns (diamonds) using interlaced dyed strips of material, is characteristic of the Roman period. From the collection of Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson. The mummy was included in the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank Project (2015) for radiographic analysis (X-ray and CT scanning), specimen no. AEABB736: "Complete mummy bundle modelled in the form of a cat. Radiographs reveal the presence of a complete cat which fills the mummy bundle completely. The skeleton is in a cylindrical position, but the head appears at an angle as the result of a fracture through the cervical spine. The forelimbs are positioned higher than normal, possibly as a result of the repositioning of the neck following the break. Some disruption is visible in the thoracic and lumbar spine with some vertebrae appearing out of anatomical alignment. A conservation pin is visible near the base. The wrappings have been applied at consistent thicknesses throughout the bundle and the ears are pointing upwards, possibly strengthened with the addition of resin." CONDITION NOTE 1998: Very discoloured, damaged on lower half of animal, white crusted residue at this areas, bindings loose at lower body, fragmenting slightly, surface dirt. When unpacked in 1956 it was found to be "damp and mouldy".