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Mummified Fish

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Mummified Nile perch fish wrapped in bandages and bound together with numerous concentric windings of palm fibre rope. Thousands of pilgrims travelled to sacred sites throughout Egypt to give offerings to the gods. Many places in the Nile Valley and the Delta were linked to different gods and their animal cults. Nile perch were fish sacred to the goddess Neith and mummified at Esna where this fish mummy was buried. The mummy was X-rayed and CT imaged at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on 19th April 2016 as part of the University of Manchester’s Animal Bio Bank Project (no. AEABB652). Report by Lidija McKnight and Stephanie Woolham: "Complete and articulated skeleton of a fish with a thin layer of linen bound with papyrus reed. The skeleton appears to be a good condition compared to other fish mummies – there is no obvious fracturing and displacement of the bones, presumably because the style of wrapping has helped to keep everything in position". 16 Novemeber 1906 register entry: "158. Mummied fish".