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Mummified Ibis


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This mummy bundle has elaborate diamond patterned wrapping, but X-rays revealed that the contents are not of a complete animal. The bundle contains some vertebrae, a long bone, the skull and beak from a Sacred Ibis. The god Thoth sometimes took the form of the Sacred Ibis bird. Described as from "recent excavations from unstratified deposits, mostly of the Late Period". This mummy was one of many thousands discovered by Professor Walter Bryan Emery for the Egypt Exploration Society at Saqqara. Excavation between 1965 and 1969 (excavation no. 532 from area 3508-157 / H5-1632). The mummy was X-rayed and CT imaged at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on 19th April 2016 as part of the University of Manchester’s Animal Bio Bank Project.