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Mummified Kitten


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Mummified kitten wrapped in bandages, with a cylindrical shaped body and naturalistic head. At only 16 cm tall this is very small for a cat mummy and until we could X-ray the mummy we were uncertain if it contained a complete animal or was empty. Radiographs taken in April 2015 revealed that there is a skeleton inside, likely to belong to a foetal or neo-natal cat, based upon size and the low density of the bones The collector, Henrietta Gurney, donated the mummy to Norwich Castle Museum in 1828 with information suggesting it had been discovered by the famous explorer Giovani Belzoni in KV 17, the tomb of Sety I in the Valley of the Kings in 1817. For the first time the mummy was X-rayed and CT imaged at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on 9th April 2015 as part of the University of Manchester’s Animal Bio Bank Project (object ref. no. AEABB741).