Mummified Mongoose



Mummified remains of a mongoose. Broken into seven unwrapped pieces. Dimensions are for the head. This is from the auction held in Liverpool on 10th February 1890 when an estimated 180,000 mummified cats, weighing 19.5 tons, were sold for fertilizer with a few being donated to the museum. The cats had been uncovered at Istabl Antar, near the settlement of Beni Hasan. The lioness goddess Pakhet (meaning ‘she who scratches’ or ‘the scratcher’) had a cult temple at Istabl Antar (sometimes known as Speos Artemidos) where thousands of mummified cats and other animals were given to Pakhet as a votive offering and then buried in catacombs. One of a group of mummified feline parts that entered into the Museum collections in 1890 (donated by Messrs Leventon & Co.) but not accessioned until 1978.