Mummified Puppy



Mummified puppy, with modelled head including false ears. A band of line round the neck may represent a collar. Animals reared for sacrifice had short lives. Using medical technology we know there a new-born canine inside this very small mummy bundle. The mummy was included in the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank Project (2016) for radiographic analysis (X-ray and CT scanning), specimen no. AEABB636: "X-ray shows that the bundle is filled with the skeleton of a juvenile dog with slight elongation of the bundle at the base. CT shows that the remains are largely complete and articulated; however, the small size of the animal and the highly compressed nature of the bundle makes it difficult to be certain of this. The wrappings are thin around the head and the false ears are clearly visible. CT of the base of the bundle shows a dense area which is probably resin-soaked linen which has been used to elongate the bundle." Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no.15391: Mummied jackal, 7½" long. Purchased by Mr Stow for Sir Henry Wellcome at Sotheby’s 26 June – 3 July 1922, London (Rev. William MacGregor Collection) Lot 640: "Five mummied Animals, comprising a Hawk, a young Jackal, and three snakes in bandages; also three bones from mummified animals, a bronze Probe, and three bronze Needles".