Mummy Bandages

HS 48


Small cuttings of linen from mummies that have been adhered to two pieces of card. The quality of linen used for mummy bandages varied enormously. Collectors took cuttings of mummy bandages to compare fine and coarse linen. One card has nine pieces of different grades and the other has four pieces of different grades. Given to the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire by T. Purland, Esq. on 6 December 1849; catalogue entry reads: Specimens of Egyptian mummy cloth. Mounted on two cards, the larger from the Salt collection. One example of mummy cloth from Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (also number HS 48) was also given to Birkenhead Public Museum (now called the Wiilamson Museum & Art Gallery). We do not know the context of where the linen was collected and cannot provide a certain date for each sample.