Mummy Label card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Mummy Label

Currently not on display


Round topped wooden mummy label with four lines of Greek text in black. Pierced at the top with a hole. During the Roman Period (30 BC – AD 395) inscribed wooden labels were attached to the mummies to identify the dead person. Part of a group of antiquities found in the Faiyum by Hogarth, Grenfell and Hunt, during the winters of 1895-6, 1898-99, 1900-01; presented by the Egypt Exploration Fund (Greco-Roman branch) in 1901. There is a hand copy of the inscription made by Professor Newberry on the Newberry-Peet Record Card; Newberry notes that the object is marked in pencil No. 6 & Pt drema [?], Fayum. = seems to be Ptolemaic.