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Mummy Mask


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Rishi style mummy mask with a tiny gilded head, above which is a falcon enclosing the head of the deceased with its feathered wings. The deceased is wearing a many layered broad-collar of colured beads. There is a depiction of a large pendant-winged scarab with outstretched wings hanging below the collar from two long decorated bands. In the bottom part is a 'bib' bearing six columns of inscription with the 'Htp-di-nsw' offering formula but the owner is not identified, as the seventh column is left blank without a name. On the inside of the mask is the representation of the goddesses Isis and Nephthys. A wedjat-eye of Horus within a rectangle is painted on each shoulder. The feather pattern may represent the protective wings of Isis or the winged Ba-personality of the deceased. The very small face and feather pattern are characteristic of a style that appeared in the late 17th early 18th Dynasty. Egyptologists call this feather pattern decoration "rishi", after the Arabic word for “feathers”.