Mummy Mask


On display

Cartonnage mask for placing over the head of a mummy. The style is typical of the type found on New Kingdom mummies at Deir el Medina. Previously part of the Wellcome Collection and glued to a mount. There are large patches of surface loss. Within the organics conservation department are a set of paint samples embedded in resin ready for analysis from previous work carried out in 1993/4 when flaking paint was consolidated but gaps were not infilled as it was not required for display at the time. Possibly WHMM accession no. 61497 recorded as being bought of "St. 412/18/7 1924 (Amherst Collection)". However, this seems be an error and the actual source is Stevens' Auction Rooms Ltd., 18 & 19 July 1922, lot 412: "Three mummy masks, a sandal, and other cartonnage, from Egypt, Amherst Collection".