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DA 2015.11

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The legendary drag DJ, Lavinia, performed in this fabulous red sequinned outfit at G-Bar on Eberle Street around 2008. She has been one of the resident performers at this long established venue since it opened more than 20 years ago, entertaining party goers with campy tunes and her acerbic wit across the dancefloor. Lavinia tells us about more about the outfit - “I had this made for me by a friend of mine, Toni, in Chester, and I wear it for cabaret-style performances mostly. I love anything glam, the more glam the better as far as I’m concerned”. (Speaking in 2008) Performing to mixed crowds for over 40 years, she reflects that the drag scene has changed enormously in this time but still sees drag as “a bloke in a frock”. (Interview with John Bird, 2016 https://johnbirdmedia.com/)