The New Craze

WAG 4668


This work is inscribed with the words: Provincial Manager (to scion of aristocracy who has come to commence): So my Lord, you're here at last! We've had three rehearsals without you - and it's produced to-morrow. I suppose you've been studying since you've been here?" Lord Plantagenet (pleasantly): "Oh-ah-no, I've not begun yet. The fact is (still more pleasantly) I'd no idea that Plumborough was such a jolly place!" This cartoon was published in 'Punch' on 12th May 1883. 'Punch' was a magazine founded in 1841 by writer Henry Mayhew and engraver Ebenezer Landells. The idea came from the French satire newsapaper, 'Le Charivari'. In homage, the first issue of 'Punch' was subtitled, ‘The London Charivari’. 'Punch' was internationally famous for its humour and wit. Its political and social cartoons captured English life in the 19th and 20th centuries. The term ‘cartoon’ previously referred to a preliminary sketch made for murals or stained glass windows. 'Punch' and other illustrated publications adapted the term and introduced the concept of ‘cartoon’ as we know it today.