The New Haymarket, Liverpool

WAG 375


The viewpoint is not certain but this is probably a view of the area below what is now St John's Gardens, Liverpool, around the entrance to the Queensway Tunnel. No record of 'New' Haymarket has so far been found, although the street 'Old Haymarket' implies the need to distinguish between old and new. A sign on the wall on the right reads 'Li... Street', presumably Lime Street, and the church glimpsed on the right may be St John's Church, which was closed in 1897 and demolished in 1899. The dome seen dimly in the distance is Liverpool Town Hall. The stage coach has a sign for 'Dale Street, Liverpool'. The style of dress of the people in the scene suggests a date in the 1800s or 1810s. Eglington may have been the student named as Sam Eglington, who entered the Royal Academy about 1809, aged 24. He is thought to have lived for a period in London because his son, James (also a painter), was born there. Eglington came to Liverpool in about 1818 and is listed as living in the Islington area from 1821. He exhibited at the Liverpool Academy from 1829 (perhaps from 1824) where he was elected Associate in 1830, member in 1832, Secretary and Acting Treasurer in 1834 - 1841, Treasurer in 1841 - 1842 and finally President in 1842 - 1845. Eglington also exhibited at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and also in Birmingham.