Note by Robert Mitchell- Captain of the Slaver Ship Fox issued to James Hayes



Promising to pay Hayes eight pounds and eight shillings, “eight days after my arrival in Liverpool likewise eight gallons of rum”. Docketed and receipted on the back by Hayes that he received from William Davenport on 2 March 1775 “in full my Wages in the Fox”. The firm of William Davenport & Co was Liverpool’s major slavery-trading firm of the period. Records indicate that the Fox, relatively small in size, acted as a tender in 1769/70 by taking on board enslaved people, then bringing them out to the Dobson, a larger vessel. Other solo voyages by the Fox to Dominica with a cargo of slaved people are also recorded, including this particular one. With an invoice made out to Captain Mitchell, Liverpool 30 April 1774, for one barrel of porter supplied by Richard Middleton & Co at the cost of £2.9.0., likely for the slaving voyage on the Fox. On the back are numerous monetary calculations.