Notebooks of George Moore, Deputy Assistant Commissioner General, British Army.



3 notebooks of George Moore, a Deputy Assistant Commissioner General in the British Army Commissariat, which managed food supplies and troop payments. According to information in the notebooks, George Moore was born in London and began work for the Commissariat in 1796. The notebooks cover the period 1802-1828, with a gap between 1810-1816. The volumes provide details of daily life in the British Colonies of the West Indies, before emancipation, with reference to colonial administration and communication with Britain and the rest of the world. Volume 2 contains details of a voyage from Barbados to Liverpool on the Venerable, and the Circumlocution Office like administration of the British Civil Service in London as George attempts to clear his name following charges of corruption. Unfortunately the period in which George was stationed in Spain and Portugal during the Peninsular Wars, 1810-1816, is marked by a gap in the notebooks, presumably a missing volume. A summary and transcript is available at the Maritime Archives.