Solid cast, thin figure of a male votary with concave back and long, thin tang at the bottom for mounting (now has marks of modern drilling). Youth in frontal, relaxed pose, left arm at side, swathed in himation, the right arm (hand now missing) extended to the side. He is bare chested, with a himation wrapped around the waist and over the left shoulder. Five leaved wreath frames the round face, which is roughly modeled, with exaggerated eyes. On the back surface, hair, wreath and drapery are modeled in very shallow relief. The central leaf in the wreath, and the right hand, with its offering (probably a patera) have broken off. The feet, planted a good distance apart, are not indicated in this casting, hut the presence of the tang shows they were not broken. Said to have been acquired in "Italy, Naples, pre 1851."