Offering Tray card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Offering Tray


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Pottery offering tray with a circular depression and channel; with models of food offerings. Marked by the excavator with the excavation site number "37E", where a number of burials were excavated between 18 March and 1 May 1905. Erroneously recorded as being from grave 80E in Downes, 'The Excavations at Esna 1905-1906' (Warminster, 1974) 94 fig. 63. Marked in red 1503 (or is it 1303?) and on the side 28739 CONDITION NOTE (1998): Surface chipped, pitted, surface dirt, some concretions, rust spot on oxhead. Purchased at Foster's, London, 28 June 1920 Lot 693D:"Pottery table of offerings. 11" X 8" Horsehoe shaped with oxhead in centre.