Shown as dazzle-painted armed merchant cruiser during 1914-18 war Miniature waterline Diorama, miniature model: Miniature model set in a lively wooden carved and modelling compound sea. The wood and card model liner is painted in the dazzle camouflage colours of the First World War. She is armed with a gun on the poop and two more set port and starboard in the waist adjacent the main mast. The model is set in a metal (bronze?) framed glass case. The model has a very ‘broad brush’ approach and the colour rendition is very pleasing and is off set to one side of the case to give a ‘foreground’ which is very unusual. On the underside of the base board is a written and carved inscription ‘H. N. Leask Sculptor 1935’. Lensk is briefly mentioned in ‘The Shipping Gallery of the Liverpool Museums’ Mariners Mirror 3rd July 1931 CM. 26-06-2012