Osiris Figure card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Osiris Figure


Currently not on display


Statue of Osiris, arms crossed, hands holding crook and flail, with an inscription on the back-pillar, mentioning Hr-sm-tawy. Head and feet broken off. Base has remains of a glue suggesting it was previously mounted to a base or perhaps stuck to the broken off feet, now missing. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, pitted, chipped surface, worn, surface dirt, labels adhered , adhesive residue, wax on break edge. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession number 210661; acquired at Sotheby's lot 145 13 October 1931 (Amherst collection). Marked in white chalk with the auction number: "145/3". Marked in red ink "1412". Rectangular sticker on the front with printed number "24". Printed label is stuck to left side of back pillar: "Trunk of a basalt Osiride Figure, with inscribed pilaster bearing the name HOR-SAM-TAUH, 10 in. high". On the label is an annotation written in pencil: "AMHERST COLL".