Osiris Figure



Large sized fine solid cast bronze mummiform figure of the god Osiris. He is standing and holds the crook and flagellum, one hand slightly below the other. The headdress is made up of the white crown with tall plumes on either side, the right one is slightly damaged. There is a lightly incised collar and the eyes have been gilded. The feet are missing and the figure had been mounted on a block of polished pink granite (removed, 2008). The tip of the right feather on the crown is missing but otherwise this is in very good condition. Marked with Wellcome accession number R.1905/1937. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession number 38250; purchased at R. F. & H. lot 59 18 November 1925. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, surface dirt, pitted, adhesive on base, slightly chipped base.